Kerry Buckley Poplawski

Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Performance Coach




    Certified Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
    Certified Fitness Trainer
    Certified Exercise Therapy
    Certified Group Fitness and Youth Fitness
    Certified Nutrition for Athletes
    Certified Marathon Training

Coaching Experience:

    Division III College Strength and Conditioning Coach - 6 years
    Physical Therapist - 6 years
    New York State Police Fitness Instructor - 10 years

Playing Experience:

Kerry recently moved to the Hampton Roads area from New York. She has over 12 years in the fitness industry. Kerry started as a fitness instructor for the New York State Police. After retiring from the Police Force, Kerry worked in the physical therapy arena for 6 years while also worked at a Division III College as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. She is an avid runner and loves to lift weights!