Stay Home and Train to Win


During this crazy time, you have two options.

Option 1️⃣ : Take some time off

Option 2️⃣ : Use this time to gain an advantage

Ask yourself who do you want to be when you return❓

Do you want to be at the front of the pack or the back❓

Field Hockey is going to return and when it does, it’s going to be obvious who maximized their unexpected off time and who didn’t.

You have the option and the answer can be found within your actions. Let us help you use this time to come back faster and stronger than ever.

Beyond the Net coaches will be doing live, virtual field hockey sessions so that you can train from your home, be (virtually) surrounded by your field hockey friends, and get live instruction/feedback! Minimal equipment needed for each session.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Supreme Competitor - 4:00 pm

Predator Performance - 5:00 pm

Core & Pewee Performance - 6:00 pm

April 21-23 all classes are FREE!!!

Register for the Virtual Vault Live Classes at the link below:

Virtual Vault Field Hockey and Fitness Training Programs are fully interactive with challenging sessions that include pre recorded videos as well as unlimited feedback from Beyond the Net and Vault Athletics & Fitness Staff. You can send a message, videos, or pictures though the TrueCoach app and receive unlimited feedback. These sessions are focused intently on the individual and each drill can be altered based on your needs. The Field Hockey Program will cover stick skills, footwork, agility, coordination, and more! The Fitness Program is home based circuit training designed to keep you fit and develop endurance. You have the option to purchase one program or both programs together in a bundle for a small fee. Once you have registered for the program, you will receive an email invite to download the True Coach app and access your program.

Register for the Virtual Vault Online Training Program at the link below:

Contact Dena at for any questions about our programs.

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