Can you FEEL IT???

Proprioception is defined as AWARENESS and perception of POSITION and MOVEMENT. Sometimes our range of motion (ROM) or even our proprioception can be lost after an injury via compensational patterns depending on the injury.

In this athlete’s particular case mobility isn’t the issue, but rather her left leg stability/strength in a ROM that hasn’t been felt in months. As a result she loses tension eccentrically right above 90 degrees of knee flexion. In order for her to trust her leg, she needs to feel what the increased ROM feels like (proprioception). So we elevated the heel as an aide to increase ROM without her thinking about it too much.

So without any verbal cues, we retested the step up and she can now keep tension and control all the way to about 90-60 degrees of eccentric knee flexion without collapsing. Notice her torso angle simultaneously improves as the knee becomes more free to travel over the toe comfortably. And again, this athlete naturally got into these positions WITHOUT any verbal cueing to “go lower” or “allow the knee to travel forward”. She let her body feel the ROM and adjust accordingly. This may be applicable to some, not everyone, and is specific to this athlete’s case.

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