Athletes Represent the Vault in Field Hockey State Championships

Field hockey players from Cox, Great Bridge and Kellam High School share how training at Vault Athletics & Fitness helped them prepare for their State Championship appearances last month.

Taylor Hester (Great Bridge)

"Training at the Vault has helped me grow as a player and prepared me for my high school season and my State Championship. Working with Nicole one on one produced laser focus mastery of skills that I need to develop. The skills I work on at the vault such as stepping to the ball, stick skills, and first touches allow me to implement them into my game and have more confidence on the field."

Devin Kinzel (Kellam)

"Training at the Vault this summer and the months leading up to it and during season has gotten me into shape and ready to play hard at school hockey. It made me faster, stronger, and more prepared for every game this season. All the training I did from lifting to stick skills to runs has made me well equipped for out road to states."

Caroline Porter (Kellam)

"I knew going into a State Championship game it was not going to be an easy game. That game is the game you and your team have worked so hard for all season long. It’s the game every high school team strives to be in each and every year. No one can truly prepare perfectly for that game, but I can say I felt pretty confident going into that game knowing my abilities on the field. I can thank these abilities to all the work my team and I put in both in season at Kellam and during the off-season training at the Vault over the past 2 years. All of the coaches at the Vault want what is best for you and want you to succeed, so they always try to push you past your limits. At the Vault, I have been trained to push myself both physically and mentally, so I can always have that extra push on the field.

I get this extra push from all the high intensity drills I would complete at the Vault during my weekly private/semi-private lessons and Kellam team training sessions. These drills are made to make you think fast under pressure, to have a quick change of speed, to have an open reception on the move, and many more valuable skills. Many of the tools used during the drills at the Vault, like the Vertimax, rebound boards, and blaze pods, always keep me on my toes and make the sessions more engaging!

The strength and endurance program combined with field hockey skills has helped me stay healthy and strong all season long. Training at the Vault has helped me prepare my body and mindset for the season, but I have also been able to coach younger players through Virginia Beach Field Hockey League and Beyond the Net Pewee/Core classes. Coaching beginner field hockey players help remind me to stick to the basics.

Stepping off that field on Saturday, even after not getting the result my team and I had hoped for, I can say that all that work my team and I had put in off season at the Vault definitely had paid off!"

Emma Schwartz (Cox)

"Training at the Vault in the off season and during season played a huge part in me being prepared for the state championship game. Any time I go to the Vault, I am doing drills and working on skills that will have a positive impact on my game. All of the coaches at the Vault push me and the other athletes to be our best and to get us ready for high intensity games, such as state championships! The Vault has been a major factor in my success as a player for my High School Team."


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