Vault Athletics & Fitness isn't just for athletes, it's for their friends and parents, too. We want to help YOU determine and meet your ideal fitness goals. Through one-on-one training we can help you become the best version of yourself at the Vault!

Personal Training

Personal Training programs are unlike any other training you have experienced. Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, compete in an upcoming event, or just keep up with your kids, we will help you get a body that works for the life you want to live.


Whether you train on your own or with a partner, you will start with a functional assessment that will help your coach measure your current movement mechanics, posture, balance, core strength, and overall conditioning. We will discuss your goals, challenges, injuries, nutrition, and then we will design a program to meet your personal fitness goals.




I turned to the owner, Jeremy Levine, for rehab for my torn ACL in late December/early January. Never squatted anything over 285 by early summer he had me squatting 500. He encourages uplifts and motivates anybody he trains. Genuinely cares about the people he trains. 5/5 Recommend. You will see results in weeks!


I really enjoy going to The Vault. I've been training in the semi-private personal training and have really noticed a difference in my speed, strength, and endurance. The workouts are always different, challenging and fun. You are really missing out if you don't train at the Vault!


I've traditionally followed strength training/power lifting programming at others gyms, but since I have been training at The Vault I have increased my endurance while maintaining my strength, and it's been awesome. The workouts are tough and out of my comfort zone, but I've needed that kick in the ass to take my fitness to the next level.