What to Expect from the Hitting Program


One major aspect that separates Beyond the Net from other training facilities in the area is the care we take to develop our athletes.  Part of this development process is developing a baseline for the athlete the first time they come into the building.  During the initial evaluation, we video the athlete's movements and break down the video with each client.  With all of the information, the athlete leaves with a plan for continued improvement at Beyond the Net Training.  The Initial Evaluation is 30-minutes long and is $20.

1-on-1 & Small Group Lessons

Lessons start at $20 for a 30-minute lesson. To develop your hit and see improvement the 30-minute lessons come in a 4 session package.  As stated above, lessons may be booked on a weekly, bi-weekly, or drop-in basis. Booking lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis allows you the ability to lock a lesson into a specific weekly/bi-weekly time slot. You can choose to work on your forehand hit or reverse hit when you purchase these lessons. You can contact one of our high qualified coaches to secure a time slot and purchase your sessions.

Fall Hitting Program

Starting October 28th

Monday's - 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Beyond The Net’s Fall Hitting Program will focus on the mechanics necessary to hit with power and control. Participants will work on proper techniques and will be taught how to increase power, improve accuracy, and have a faster release. Players can drop-in to a class each week, or purchase multiple sessions. Classes will be held on Monday's starting October 28.


Session is for players 11-16 years old

& Hitting Analysis
1-on-1 & Small Group
Hitting Lessons
$30 per session
Fall Hitting Program


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