Beyond the Net Training is part of Vault Athletics and Fitness programming. Beyond the Net Training Performance Program is designed to develop sport specific skills at all levels - novice, club, elementary school middle school, high school, and college. Whether you're new to the sport or have aspirations to play in college, Beyond the Net Training will challenge you in ways to take your game and skills to the next level. Our programs focus on injury prevention and the development of physical intelligence for all athletes.

  • Develop hand speed and improve stick handling

  • Improve hitting mechanics, power, and accuracy

  • Injury prevention and stability

  • Develop goalkeeper fundamental skills

  • Lateral speed for dodging and agility

  • Develop lateral speed for dodging and agility

  • Improve shooting mechanics, power, and accuracy

  • Injury prevention and stability

  • Core strength for better balance and strength


Be at the top of your teams training this season. Our goal with every team is to help each individual athlete get better and improve everyday. Our coaches will teach your athletes how to train properly, motivate them to train hard, and put together a team training plan that ensures they train smart and succeed.

Whether you are looking to help your players prepare during the off season or for a training program that will complement your in season schedule of games and practices, we will help maximize the development of each player's speed, quickness, strength, motor skills, energy system conditioning, mobility, and stability with Vault Team Training.



Vault Athletics & Fitness offers sports specific lessons for field hockey and lacrosse players looking to enhance their game as well as sports specific lessons for players looking to improve agility, speed, and strength. Our certified coaches will create a personalized program that is guaranteed to help you reach your goals! You can purchase private or semi-private (2-5 players) lessons with any of our high quality coaches. Typically, 1:1 sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes and must be scheduled in advance with your coach.


"Very worth while training! We signed up our daughter who plays field hockey for the winter clinic series at Beyond the Net. I could see her agility and confidence continually grow and improve with each session. This is a great program and I would highly recommend it to all field hockey players."

—  Tess Carawan



1732 Donna Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23454