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we train athletes

A fitness community comprised of experts in their field collaborating for the sole purpose of building better athletes. Our unique facility offers structured support for all athletes. 

Our think tank atmosphere is created on the principles and drive brought by coaches and athletes. Structured support is offered for athletes of every level and all abilities.


Cassidy Atchison
Division 1 field hockey
Saint Joseph 

"Training at BTN has added a lot of variety into my workouts with different stretching techniques, weight-lifting exercises, footwork, and different cardio options. It’s a great combination of fitness and field hockey and I love going in the off-season and working on different skills, receptions and shots especially getting to do that on astro-turf. It’s a great way to help prepare for both fall and spring, as it keeps my skills sharp and fitness high!”

our athletes


Ashleigh Thomas

Ashleigh is an Exhibits Technician/ Aquarist in the Herpetology department at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. She works primarily with the reptiles and amphibians, she also has some aquatic tanks as well. Ashleigh works to provide excellent animal care to those animals she looks over by ensuring they have a clean exhibit, mental and physical enrichment, and a nutritious diet. They also do behavioral trainings such as targeted training with the animals to aid keepers in the event of a medical need or procedure. Ashleigh also scuba dives in the tanks to clean them by scrubbing algae off the decor, sifting sand, and doing general welfare checks on the animals while in the water. She engages with guests to educate them about the animals and their conservation efforts at this facility.



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1732 Donna Drive Virginia Beach Virginia




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